Duck Derby

The Duck Derby takes place on the stream from The Old Mill and through the grounds during the annual The Aldermaston & Wasing Show.

Get set

Each Duck Derby race consists of 100 uniquely numbered ducks and the ticket holder of the winning ducks will win £40.

On race day we can have 10 races of 100 ducks: that’s 1,000 individually numbered racing ducks!

The first 10 ducks in each heat are then put aside for the final race so even if you don’t win a heat your duck could still go forward for the final race where the winnings are:

  • 1st: £250
  • 2nd: £150
  • 3rd: £75

Buying your tickets

You can buy individual tickets at the Show on Sun 1st Sept 2024, or you can buy a book of 5 or a book of 10 tickets (or multiples of) online here.

Online sales will cease before the races start and might only be available up to the day before the race. After that, you will have to buy tickets at the Show.

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