Each Duck Derby ticket represents a Duck that will be raced in the stream at The Old Mill Aldermaston.

Tickets will only be sold in multiples of 5 or 10.

This year the races will take place behind closed doors to protect the health and safety of the organisers.

Each race will be videoed and released via our social media. Details can be found own our website AWShow.org.uk.

Each heat race will consist of 100 ducks. If a winning duck does not have an associated sold ticket (if we did not sell all tickets for that race) then the prize will be donated to charity.

See ticket for Heat and Final race prizes.

Your contact details will be maintained under GDPR guidelines. Details are necessary so that we can contact you if you win any of the races.

We will publish winners of each race on our websites and our social media. This will be in the format of First name, Last name and Town. If you would like only your initials to be used then please contact us: webmaster@awshow.org.uk.